Good Friday Gift

Mobilize a Middle East Outreach

Every Lent, Resurrection gives a financial gift to a global partner. This year, we are partnering with Mark and Cindy* to strengthen their outreach in the Middle East.

*All names have been changed to protect identities


Mobilize a Middle East Outreach

“Our hearts are yearning for those communities who have no believers living in their midst,” Cindy* wrote. Cindy, her husband, Mark, and three young children moved to the Middle East in Fall 2020, hoping to live alongside and disciple the unreached. For a year they partnered with a Christian hospital, often taking trips to villages where no Christians resided. 

Feeling an urgent call from the Lord, last summer the couple relocated to a new city with their three young children. There they quickly discovered many who are disillusioned with the majority religion. “We believe people are seeking, open, and hungry here,” Mark wrote.


Within a few days of arrival, Mark and Cindy began hosting and leading a weekly Bible study in Arabic. It quickly expanded to 20-40 people gathering regularly, most of Muslim background. Some have recently converted through dreams, verbal witness, or reading Scripture. Thirteen new Jesus followers have been baptized in a makeshift tub in the couple’s living room.

The risk for these new believers is great. ”Those who make their faith public endure immense persecution, and many of those coming to the Bible study have had multiple attempts on their life and are hiding,” Mark wrote.

The couple have also been offering physical aid, providing groceries, medicine, and emergency housing in their home. Many are refugees, desperately seeking work and struggling to find humane jobs.

*All names have been changed to protect identities

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Give to the Good Friday Gift

Your gift will provide groceries, medicine and emergency housing, plus help create long-term sustainability. Here’s how: 

Benevolence Fund:

Your gift will help Mark and Cindy offer more aid for food insecurity, medical emergencies, and housing crises by contributing to a benevolence fund. This support will be operated by Mark and Cindy’s sending organization.

Sustainability & Growth

In addition, your gift will help contribute to long-term sustainability by providing start-up costs, legal fees, and office rent for a non-profit organization. The covering of a non-profit will enable Mark and Cindy to build their outreach and develop a team of long-term co-workers.

Contribute to the Good Friday Gift through Monday, April 24.

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Meet Sam & Deborah

Sam fled from a neighboring, war-torn country, hunting for work. He shared a meal with Mark and Cindy’s family, attended Bible study, and read Scripture several times with Dan, Mark and Cindy’s local partner. One night Sam had a vivid yet puzzling dream of receiving salvation. He called Dan, and for 12 straight hours they read and studied the Bible together. 

Sam accepted Christ and wanted to be baptized, but he was nervous about being immersed. For years, whenever Sam was submerged under water, he had suffered from severe ear pain. Yet when Mark dunked Sam in the portable tub in their living room last November, his ears were free of pain.


After Sam’s wife, Deborah, heard the story of the drastic change in her husband, she wanted to follow the Lord. Although she remained in their home country, her parents threatened to separate the couple permanently.

Rez was able to provide funds for Sam to purchase his wife a plane ticket and visa to join him late last year. After Deborah arrived, Cindy studied the Word with her and witnessed her faith flourish. This January, Deborah and six other new believers were baptized by Fr. Nate Beasley of Trinity Anglican in Chicago, Resurrection’s sister diocesan church, during his visit.



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