Our Staff

Julia Damion

Born and raised in Maine, my most meaningful encounters with God as a child were when I was out in nature. I saw God’s handiwork in the beauty and patterns, the seasons, and the amazingly detailed objects around me, from snowflakes to seashells. Combined with Biblical instruction at home, I began to get a picture of who God is early in my life.

My relationship with God growing up was personal and private; it was not lived out in community. Many of my doubts and fears growing up centered around not understanding my Christian identity in relation to others. This was compounded by seasons of feeling misunderstood by various groups of Christians. Did I truly belong? Was I even a Christian if I didn’t identify strongly with other Christians around me?

God has brought me through many different seasons. He answered my prayers these past few years by providing me with Christian community and support. I have learned to be vulnerable, and to grow together with others. I have realized how much richer my relationship with God is by seeing him reflected in the grace, compassion, correction, and love of those who love him. No group is perfect; no church is perfect. But we were meant to live and grow not solely as individuals, but in community, with all of its bumps and scars, and with all of its beauty.

I came to Rez in 2016 in search of community, and I joined the staff in 2019. I serve as the Missions Manager, providing support to our Missions Pastor (Fr. Matt Woodley) and to our local and global missions teams. I am looking forward to seeing God work through the global church.



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