Our Staff

Kevin Sheehan

As a child, my parents gave me the best gift they could possibly have given me—a home in which I learned to love and trust Jesus from an early age. This relationship with Jesus developed as I grew older, but so did my awareness that my heart was prone to wander away from God’s good design for me. I knew from the Bible that Jesus had died for my sins, but I sometimes found this to be a source of anxiety rather than a source of peace. How could God truly forgive me after what I had done to his Son? What if I hadn’t believed hard enough and didn’t truly belong to him? I lost track of the number of times I responded to an altar call to recommit my life to the Lord.

God in his mercy used several teachers, pastors, and friends to help me understand that his love and grace went deeper than I could imagine. He didn’t begrudgingly send his Son to save me. Nor did he leave me on my own to try to live faithfully for him. He had given me the gift of his Holy Spirit to minister his love to me as he encourages, convicts, shapes, and teaches me. One of the things that drew me to Resurrection was the weekly, tangible expression of this constant, unshakeable love through the Lord’s table. No matter how I am feeling about myself or even about God, he offers me a tangible sign that he himself is sustaining me.

As Children’s Pastor I am responsible for the vision and leadership of RezKids, which is what we call Resurrection’s children’s ministry. In addition to equipping ministry leaders and volunteers, I also provide pastoral care for our families and look for ways to engage children in all aspects of Resurrection’s worship and mission. My prayer is that this church will be a place where you and your family can feel at home in the presence of God. His love and mercy is more than deep enough for us!



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