Our Staff

Laura Wruck

I grew up attending church with my family, and being encouraged to learn about God by my parents, but the things I was learning in church didn’t have much of a personal connection with me until I started spending my summers at HoneyRock Camp (a Christian camp run by Wheaton College). There, everything I’d been hearing about God and Jesus clicked for me in a way I had never experienced before. Being out in nature and away from so many of life’s daily distractions, I felt like I had room to take in the reality that God loved me and really did want to be part of my life. I could even talk with Him, and He cared about my dreams and fears!As I grew up and continued to attend camp, I saw real examples of what it meant to dedicate one’s life to serving God through the counselors and camp staff who joyfully spent their summers loving, challenging, and encouraging campers like me. I realized that I wanted to live like they did, and in high school I started using my summer to work at HoneyRock as well. There I learned a lot about what it means to live with and love other people, as well as the ways that God had made me specifically to serve Him, even when I was far away from camp. I graduated from Wheaton College in 2017, and have been working in various ministry roles ever since.

As the Office Manager I am responsible for helping make everything behind the scenes at Rez run as smoothly as possible. From welcoming anyone who walks into our church office and answering the phone, to making sure our massive copier is never short on paper, my role is a fun mix of hospitality and administrative work. Stop by the church office or give us a call, I would love to say hello!



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