Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Steve Lake

Update from February 2, 2024:

I am the new rector at Church of the Resurrection, Flower Mound, TX. (Flo Mo—as locals call it, LOL!—is in the northwest suburbs of Dallas.) I am moving there on Feb 12, but Christina and Donovan remain behind ’til the end of their semesters and we sell our home. Christina is retiring from 25 years as an English professor at Wheaton College, while Donovan graduates from Wheaton North in May. Donovan will remain in the area as he begins his collegiate academic and bowling careers at Calumet College of St. Joseph in northern Indiana in the fall. (Their men’s team is ranked #9 in the nation, top 10 for the past 17 years running—it’s an elite team!) My mother also remains in the Wheaton area. So with Donovan and my mom still here, Christina and I will surely be back around Rez from time to time.

We will truly miss our beloved family at Resurrection and in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest. Since I’ve already begun ‘remote rectoring,’ I feel the loss and distance every time I am around Rez now. We will definitely mourn the loss of our Rez Wheaton family, while we celebrate ‘the new Res.’ (They use ‘s’ not ‘z.’) It’s all still kinda surreal…but it is most of all, a tale of God’s great faithfulness and blessing to us! The church is a wonderful ‘new Resurrection’ for us. Flourishing children’s and small group ministries; many gifted artists; gracious, discerning servant leadership; and a strong commitment to both community and the Great Commission—it is literally everything I have sought for years as a priest. It is a true answer to prayer because the LORD made this process effortless, answering every question and providing for every need at each step of the way. Christina and I both could not be more excited about this next stage of our lives together.

Jesus Christ came into my damaged, dysfunctional heart—physically and spiritually—at a very young age. I was born with a host of life-threatening cardiovascular defects. At the age of 4, I had a major corrective surgery. Shortly thereafter, I gave my life to Jesus and first experienced a call into pastoral ministry. Because He had saved me from death on the operating table and on His cross, I committed my life to Him and His service.

From there, my path to the priesthood was far from a straight line. Here are a few highlights: In my 20’s, though still a committed Christian, I felt uncertain about my place in the church, and unclear about a specific call to ministry. So the LORD first led me to exercise other gifts, and opened doors for me in higher education. I have served for approximately 15 years as a philosophy professor (at places like Wheaton College, Trinity Christian College and Nashotah House). While on faculty at Wheaton, I met my amazing wife, Christina Bieber, still an English professor at Wheaton. The LORD also gifted us a son, Donovan. Along the way, my wife and I became Anglicans and through helping to plant an Anglican church, we discerned my call to the priesthood. I was ordained a priest on October 2, 2010.

The LORD brought us to Resurrection in August of 2015. Pastoral care and visitation are a vital parts of my ministry at Rez. I work closely with families and children with special needs (in addition to being a nationally ranked bowler, our son Donovan has autism). I also help lead Morning and Evening Prayer Eucharists in All Saints’ Prayer Chapel. Beyond Resurrection, I am a member of the Committee for Catechesis of the Anglican Church in North America, where I helped revise the ACNA’s new catechism (To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism).