Advent Devotional

Have you ever had a door shut in your face? Have you ever had God suddenly open a door for you? Have you ever been afraid of what’s behind that door? Doors—both literal and figurative—play an important role in our lives.

Our theme for this Advent is all about doors, specifically how “hope opens the door.” As Christians, it is our hope in the risen Christ that allows us to open the door of our hearts afresh to him and to others (especially to the poor and those who don’t know Christ) during Advent.

This Advent devotional is designed to help you think and pray about the how God is calling you to open the doors of your life. Each week there is a devotional based on the Gospel reading for each Sunday in Advent. Since we are also opening the door of our hearts to others, each week’s devotion also has a story of a refugee family from our own community.

One practical way to open the door is to join us as we partner with World Relief to provide Good Neighbor Kits to new refugee families in our community. These “kits” provide almost everything a family needs to set up their first apartment when they arrive. We are also establishing a Good Neighbor Team to walk with these refugee families after they arrive. Visit for details.

May you and your family have a blessed Advent, an Advent experience of opening some new and exciting doors to Christ and others.

Advent Devotional

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