Aurora Church Plant News

On Sunday, September 28, 2014,
we announced that we are sending Trevor and Bonnie McMaken out from Resurrection to plant a new church in Aurora, IL. We are now excited to tell you that Deacon Trevor will be transitioning from his staff role as Resurrection Communications Director and Tech Coordinator to full-time Resurrection church planter on May 1 of this year.

The McMaken family is planning to move to Aurora this summer and begin weekly services sometime this fall or winter. We encourage you to stay connected to them and support them in prayer by
clicking here and signing up to receive their monthly prayer update newsletter.


Q: What is our vision for church planting?

A: In the past 10 years, Resurrection has
planted 5 churches in an organic, relational way as the Lord has led. In the next 10 years, we want to plant churches with more intentionality. These plants will be relational, but also regional—forming a hub around Wheaton and planting new hubs throughout Chicagoland. The Aurora church plant is the first plant in this new model.

Q: How will the Aurora church plant be funded?

A: Resurrection and the diocese are providing significant foundational gifts which will allow the McMakens to transition to full-time fundraising outside of Resurrection. Your gifts to Resurrection help make that foundational gift to the Aurora church plant and enable the McMakens to fundraise outside of Resurrection to gather more support.

Q: What if we are interested in joining the Aurora church plant team?

A: If you feel God calling you to go, we encourage you to discern and follow that call.

Q: How else can we help?

A: If you know folks in the Aurora area that would be excited about this church, please let Trevor and Bonnie know:

Q: How are things going with the Elgin church plant?

A: On 9/28, we rejoiced that God was blessing Resurrection with church plant twins: the McMakens in Aurora and the Crulls in Elgin! Resurrection continues in full support of Deacon Brett and Julie’s call to plant a church in Elgin. The Crulls are leading a Resurrection pastorate group in Elgin that is growing and full of energy.

As we have begun to learn about and develop a new church planting culture, we’ve realized that we need space out the timing between plants. After prayer and careful conversations with the Crulls, the Elgin pastorate, and other Resurrection leaders, Bishop Stewart has determined that Aurora will plant first with Elgin coming later. This will allow us to focus our resources first on Aurora, and then on Elgin, giving both a strong start in turn. We are grateful for more time with the Crulls as their ministry at Resurrection continues to grow during this season. The Ruchs, the McMakens, and the Crulls continue to meet together regularly for prayer, encouragement, and coaching.

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