Paul in Prison

RezArts Festival Submission By Eleanor Jaros, age 8 The verse [Romans 12:12] reminded me of Paul in prison because he wrote letters to new churches, and I think that was…
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The RezBears Get a Midwinter Visit

Once upon a time, in a forest preserve nearby, lived a family of RezBears in a cozy treehouse.  After dinner each winter night, the Bear Family used to gather around…
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Shoreline of Hope

RezArts Festival Submission By Mark Poulterer As I considered hope, tribulation, and prayer the picture of a lighthouse kept returning to my mind.  I thought of the constant rocks that…
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Midnight Has Come

RezArts Festival submission By Matthew Wolf “Midnight Has Come” is my translation of the French Christmas carol “Cantique de Noël” by Placide Cappeau (1843). This song was translated into English…
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Orangie Is Patient

Six-year-old Evelyn submitted this portrait to the RezArts Festival titled, “Patient.” Her dad writes: “During RezKids Midweek, my daughter created a portrait of Orangie (our family cat), and told me…
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