Good Friday Gift 2020: Results

Father Matt Woodley
Mission Pastor
“This is nothing short of a miracle.” —Abp. Ben Kwashi
Every year on Good Friday, we collect a special gift to give to a global partner. This year, we partnered with  Archbishop Ben and Gloria Kwashi in Jos, Nigeria in order to double the capacity of their ministry, Zambiri House. Zambiri currently provides food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care for about 500 orphaned children. 

Our goal was to increase their capacity to 1,000 children, and to raise an audacious $100,000. This lofty goal was set prior to coronavirus pandemic. When the economic crisis unfolded, our leaders and Abp. Ben were prepared to release those hopes. 
Instead, Church of the Resurrection, you have astounded us by giving the most generous global gift in our history in the midst of total economic upheaval!
Watch the video from Abp. Ben Kwashi & Father Matt to find out just how much you raised! In the words of Archbishop Ben, “Eternity will speak of this!”

We look forward to sharing much more with you about the developments with Zambiri House and the impact your gifts will have upon this community in Nigeria. As coronavirus spreads, the outlook for countries with underdeveloped infrastructure and a strained healthcare system is far worse than for more developed countries struggling to battle the virus.

Therefore, please continue in prayer for these children and all of Nigeria. Your generosity to the vulnerable children of Jos clearly shows that you have heard the cry of the poor, and given to those who have greater need than ourselves. Praise God for you! 

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