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Holy Week 2021

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of the cross

April 2
12-2:30 pm

Outdoors; in-person only. Reflect on the last hours of Christ’s life through song and prayer as we travel around our property in small groups. Led at regular intervals. All ages welcome; no childcare. No sign-up required.


April 2
12-2:30 pm

Upstairs offices. No sign-up required.


part 1

April 2
3-4 pm

“It is Finished”
Outdoors; in-person and livestream. This first half of our Good Friday service testifies to how Jesus’ sacrifice can free and heal us. Includes a dramatic reading of the Passion. All ages welcome; no childcare. No sign-up required.


part 2

April 2
4 pm–midnight

“Behold the Cross”
Indoors, in-person only. Come at any time for this second half of our Good Friday service continued in the sanctuary. Worship with our musicians as you wait to approach our large wooden cross, where you may kneel and/or pray. Anticipate a wait to enter the sanctuary at high traffic times. 

All ages welcome; no childcare. No sign-up required.


Coming april 2
3 pm


Every Good Friday, Resurrection collects a special gift for a global partner. This year, we are partnering with Fr. Gregory and Dr. Heidi Whitaker to expand a Christian daycare in rural Cambodia where impoverished children receive Jesus’ love.


On Good Friday, we tell the story of the Passion of Jesus as we remember the love of God that was demonstrated by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

What you need

  • A cross, as large as possible, that helps you connect to the actual cross of Jesus
  • If you don’t have one, you could make one out of wood with instructions like this, or a simpler one like this one, cut one out of paper or cardboard, or gather branches to tie together.
  • A service guide

What to do

  • During the service, move the cross from where it has been throughout Holy Week and lay it on the floor in the center of the room where you can kneel next to it to touch it and pray. 
  • Give online to Good Friday Gift

At home:
Stations of the Cross

In this ancient devotional service, we walk with Christ through the last hours of his life, reflecting on his sufferings, death, and burial through reading the Bible, music, and prayer. The stations are traditionally prayed between 12pm – 3pm, the hours when Jesus hung on the cross. This year our stations will be led outside at regular intervals from 12pm – 2:30pm.

What you need

  • 1 cross to gather around, 1 cross for each person to hold as you walk, or 14 crosses placed throughout your home, yard, or neighborhood. 
  • The crosses could be as simple as a cross drawn on paper or wooden crosses that you make.

What to do

  • Use the guide to walk around your house, yard, or neighborhood, stopping in a new place to pray through each station.

For kids

Coloring page and story summary

Make cards for the kwashi kids

cardmaking instructions

RezKids are making cards to send to the “Kwashi Kids,” former orphans who will receive a home through your generosity to Good Friday Gift


Original painting by Resurrection artist Michael Skura depicting Mary at the Cross of Christ. (Image copyright: Church of the Resurrection)


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