the great vigil

Of Easter

Holy Week 2022

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great vigil of easter

light and lessons

April 16
3 & 7:30pm

Livestream: 7:30 pm. Our journey begins in candlelight as the ancient Exsultet chant ushers us into the Old Testament story of salvation history, presented through theater and music. 

Childcare available for ages 0-5.

great vigil of easter

Prayer Vigil

April 17
Midnight - 5AM

Wait and watch with the Church through the night of Holy Saturday as we worship, pray, and listen to the Easter Vigil Scriptures.


Coming april 16
7:30pm Light & lessons Only


The Easter Vigil is an ancient Christian tradition celebrated on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. The service begins in darkness and then includes the reading of Old Testament stories of God’s salvation.

What you need

  • A candle for each person to hold.
  • A bulletin (coming soon)

What to do

  • At the beginning of the service, light your candle. When the readings from Scripture begin, extinguish it.

Idea: Read the stories beforehand
Read the Easter Vigil readings ahead of time, especially if you have young children. You can even act out one of the readings, such as The Flood or The Red Sea!

Vigil Readings

The gold boxes denote the lessons that will be read this year.

There are twelve Old Testament readings that have been selected especially for our Light and Lessons service. These readings are known as the “Salvation History.” Our service this year includes seven of these readings.

For kids

Consider reading the Vigil passages ahead of time with your children in an easy-to-understand translation (such as the New Living Translation). Encourage them to act out a scene or perhaps create artwork inspired by the passage. 

Coloring pages of the vigil stories


Original painting by Resurrection artist Janice Skivington Wood of the angel appearing to the women at the empty tomb.
(Image copyright: Church of the Resurrection)


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