Important Letter from the Diocese

Dear Resurrection Family,

*Please note that the information below could be very difficult for anybody who has suffered from abuse.

With a heavy heart, I need to inform you that the Diocese has released a statement regarding credible allegations of sexual assault of an adult female. This situation involves a different church in our diocese and is unrelated to the ACNA’s ongoing investigative process involving the former congregation in Big Rock, Illinois. You can read the diocesan statement here.

The survivor has invited our Diocese to collaborate with her and the local church involved in this matter. She has asked the Diocese only to share the communication it sent out. The local church and the Diocese are treating her allegations with full credibility and are committed to supporting her in any way possible.

I know that this letter may raise questions for many of you. We are unable to share any further details at this time because we want to honor the survivor’s specific request.

If you or an adult you know has suffered sexual abuse, related to this situation or any other, I encourage you to consider contacting the resources included in the diocesan letter. We also have a list of resources available on our website related to preventing, identifying, and responding to child sexual abuse.

If you are in need of pastoral care for any reason, whether it relates to this situation or because of what this brings up, please reach out to Pastor Meghan Robins, our pastoral care pastor, at to set up an appointment with one of our pastors.

Please join me in prayer for all who have suffered abuse, sexual or otherwise, and for the Lord to bring healing.

In Christ,







Fr. Steve Williamson
Cathedral Dean

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