RezArts Festival Submission: Open Offering

“Open Offering”
Acrylic on canvas
By Allison

This painting, “Open Offering,” was submitted to the RezArts Festival. The artist’s drafts below depict her creative process with the Lord, moving from a simple hand sketch, to her sketch with notes, and a first draft painting. 

“…in his hands… his hands formed…” Psalm 95 depicts God as Creator and shepherd; the one who makes all things, holds all things, guides all his flock. We hold our dreams, hopes, desires, fears  in our hands. As his flock we follow him and we are called to give them to the Lord, to trust that he will treat them tenderly as he does the ground, to hold them as he does the mountains, and to know the best for us as our shepherd. So trusting in him we open our hearts, our hands. We continually lift our lives and desires before Him.


Learn how you can participate in the RezArts Festival this fall and winter, our church-wide celebration of creativity.  Try your hand at “artes divinae,” creating art with the Lord. More here.




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