Parish Letter on the Supreme Court Decision

Beloved Resurrection,

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to address the church in regard to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the legality of “same-sex marriages.” I want to follow up that brief verbal communication with a link to the statement made by our College of Bishops.

First, I want to give thanks that we as bishops in the Anglican Church in North America and the leaders at Church of the Resurrection are absolutely clear that marriage is one of the great gifts of God. We give thanks that it is God and God alone who has designed and now defines marriage. The ruling does not in any way change the teachings of Scripture and the Church. Marriage is a sacred vocation whereby one man and one woman give themselves to one another in a lifelong sacramental covenant.

There are many who disagree with the orthodox Christian teaching on marriage. We understand that. And we love them. In this new season of ministry regarding sexuality and gender, Resurrection remains committed to being a sanctuary of transformation: a safe place where everyone can meet Christ and be changed into his image. For years, Resurrection has been a home for many who have experienced or continue to experience same-sex attraction. We welcome all to attend our services and seek the Lord.

We are also clear on our vision and focus. At Resurrection, we are so moved by Jesus we deeply desire that all people be equipped for lives of transformation. We long to see more and more churches planted that overflow with joyful worship, loving outreach, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Indeed,
our church plant in Aurora is doing this very work right now.

Resurrection, this is our work: equipping everyone for transformation and planting churches for revival. This was as true before
Friday’s ruling as it is today.

I know that the Supreme Court decision may raise questions for you, and I will be working with our clergy team to set up opportunities for a pastoral event and conversations this fall. I look forward to talking more with you at that time.

I commend to you the Bishops’ Statement.

Much love,


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