Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts)

Enjoy this music video created by members of our RezYouth high schoolers as a gift to our congregation.
Vocals: Charlotte F, Joe W, Nikki K
Keys: Joe W
Guitar: Nikki K
Bass: Andrew W
Violin: Isa P
Drums: Mark L
Videography: Joe C

Music: Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts) by Shane & Shane.

[Verse 1]

O come behold the works of God
The nations at His feet
He breaks the bow and bends the spear
And tells the wars to cease
O Mighty One of Israel
You are on our side
We walk by faith in God who burns the chariots with fire


Lord of Hosts, You’re with us
With us in the fire
With us as a shelter
With us in the storm
You will lead us
Through the fiercest battle
Oh where else would we go
But with the Lord of Hosts

[Verse 2]

O God of Jacob, fierce and great
You lift Your voice to speak
The earth it bows and all
The mountains move into the sea
O Lord You know the hearts of men
And still you let them live
O God, who makes the mountains melt
Come wrestle us and win
O God who makes the mountains melt
Come wrestle us and win

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