Regarding Bishop Stewart’s Letter to the Diocese

Dear Resurrection Family,

I want to encourage each of you to read Bishop Stewart’s recent letter to our Diocese here. It provides helpful context regarding the Provincial Office’s announcement of his forthcoming ecclesiastical (church) trial, which you can read here.

This is weighty news, but I hope that this is also the beginning of the canonical process by which all information will be considered and resolution to this long season can finally be reached.

Many of you know that I currently serve as a member of the Bishop’s Council, our diocesan board. The Bishop’s Council was given no notice that a Board of Inquiry had met, or that they had reached a decision to take Bishop Stewart to trial. Unfortunately, I received this information as you did–through the public announcement by the Provincial Office. At this point, I have no indication as to the timeline of an ecclesiastical trial.

These last several months have been particularly confusing for many people. I will make sure you are made aware of any additional information regarding the trial as soon as I am able. However, I imagine it might take some time.

I have also spoken with many of you and understand how challenging it has been to have little information regarding the results of the reports from the Province’s two third-party investigators. While the investigators have completed their reports, communication regarding their findings remains in the hands of the Provincial Office. (You can read the Diocese’s FAQ here. It has not been updated recently, but will be soon.)

At Resurrection, our leadership has sought to learn everything we can in order to grow from the experiences of the last few years. We remain open to receive any additional feedback or correction from these third-party investigations.

As we continue to wait for desired resolution, let me encourage you, Church of the Resurrection, to remain steadfast in your prayers and the Gospel work we are called to here. Specifically, I ask you to pray for:

  • The ecclesiastical trial: Please pray for justice. Pray for all the evidence to be brought forward with clarity and for the truth to be made clear to all those who will have responsibility to make decisions. Pray also for resolution to come quickly for the sake of everyone.

  • Bishop Stewart and Mama Katherine: I’m sure you can imagine how painful and challenging this season has been for the entire Ruch family. If you have followed this whole process, you have heard me say many times that I am proud of my bishop’s leadership and for the way he has submitted to this process. He continues to have my full support. The Ruchs need our prayers as they enter into this ecclesiastical trial. Pray that the Lord provides everything they need for the months ahead.

  • Our church and our Diocese: Pray for the Lord’s blessing upon our Gospel work here at Resurrection and throughout the Diocese. The Lord has been faithful to us amidst everything. Let’s pray for continued ministry fruit during this season of pruning.
  • Healing: I want to continue to encourage all of you to pray for healing for all those who have personally suffered or for whom these circumstances bring up their own painful memories.

As always, I invite you to reach out to Pastor Meghan Robins ( if you would like to set up a meeting with a pastor. Additionally, if you have a specific question or concern you would like to bring to the attention of our church’s leadership, I’d encourage you to fill out this brief survey. Even if we are currently unable to provide an answer, your questions will enable us to better serve our people and understand your perspectives.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, brothers and sisters!

With love for you all,




Fr. Steve Williamson
Cathedral Dean

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