Rejoice My Soul

By Addie Gannon
This song is written as an anthem of hope and a reminder to our souls that Jesus is alive and fighting for us. The first verse talks about Jesus as our stronghold which allows us to not fear or be shaken. The second verse continues to remind us that Jesus is our strength and our patience. The bridge proclaims that Jesus is our provider and worthy of our love and trust. Finally, the chorus that is repeated throughout the song calls our souls to rejoice because Jesus is near–“a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46). Singing this song quite literally embodies Romans 12:12 as we rejoice in the hope of who Jesus is, cry out to Him in the midst of tribulation as we feel our need for redemption, and pray for deliverance through the medium of worship music. 

Performed by Addie Gannon on guitar with Ella Knowlton, ministry resident at Church of the Incarnation, on piano.

Listen to all the original songs by musicians from the RezArts Festival here. 




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// Church of the Resurrection