Restoring Worship

I will never forget the very first Sunday that I worshiped at Church of the Rez: I felt like I had somehow re-discovered a part of my soul—a part that was jaded by pomp and circumstance and pulsing lights and passive participation. I had stumbled upon exactly what I had been yearning for —a safe haven, a place of restoration, a place where God is worshiped in purity and simplicity. I said to friends and family, “It was the most meaningful church service I have experienced in a long time.”

The past months have been some of the most formative of my spiritual life, as I have moved from being a guest at Rez to being an integrated, invested member. I never knew it was possible to genuinely anticipate going to church on Sunday. I never knew it was possible for the beauty of tradition and liturgy to be seamlessly melded with the invocation and exaltation of the Holy Spirit—rather than existing as two irreconcilable “styles” of worship.

I have been molded by the sacredness of the Eucharist as I open my hands each week to receive with thanks-giving and joy. In professing the creed, I have been reminded of the great cloud of witnesses that has gone before me, and I have been reminded of who God has always been and will always be. In sitting under the sound teaching of Spirit-anointed ministers, I have been convicted and encouraged and accepted for what I am somehow all at the same time. And of course the music! The sweet language of the soul. Never before have I been moved to tears by the Doxology and a pure trumpet melody, and never before have I been able to lift my voice with such freedom and singular focus to the only One who is worthy of my praise.

Every day I am thankful for this special church that is truly like no other, and I pray I never take it for granted. Here, for the first time, I am finding the heart of true, surrendered worship. Week by week I am being softened and made whole in His holy presence within this Sanctuary of Transformation.

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