Romans 12:12

RezArts Festival Submission
By Hannah Smith

“My work is a visual representation of Romans 12:12. I used procreate on my iPad and created my piece digitally. I wanted to create the sense of breaking glass and different parts of the verse being represented in each section. There is a girl who is in different poses showing rejoicing, tribulation and prayer. This helps to visualize Romans 12:12 even more when you can see the different emotions visually.”

Hannah Smith has done traditional art for 11 years and digital art for the last year. She is currently studying animation and wants to work with storyboards or illustrations someday. “I love sharing my artwork with Instagram @hannahsmithart and want to continue to share it in the years to come! I have been attending Church of the Resurrection for almost 14 years now, and always strive to put God first.” ⁠

You still have time to contribute to the RezArts Festival! Submission deadline: Saturday, Jan. 15. ⁠
⁠Your art does not need to relate directly to our ministry theme verse. Consider what concepts, images or tunes come to mind and allow the Lord to lead you!⁠

Save the date for our Festival Exhibit: Saturday, Jan. 29, 2-4pm⁠

Learn more here.

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