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How Cindy got connected to a mom through CareNet

I’ve had a heart for the Sanctity of Life ministry for quite some time, but I have a full-time career which limits my time, so I wasn’t sure how I could get involved. After speaking to Nancy Kruezer about Church of the Resurrection’s connection with CareNet Pregangy Services of DuPage, I got excited about the possibilities. I heard about how people can connect and walk alongside a woman who has chosen life for her child through CareNet and then have a baby shower for her. I decided, yes, that’s something I can do and will love doing!

So I let CareNet know that I was available to connect with a young expectant mom. I got contact information on a young woman who had expressed an interest in connecting and I thought, “Okay, now I’m going to do great things! I’m going to make a difference in this young woman’s life! Yay for me!” Well, I tried and tried to connect with this young woman but it just wasn’t happening. She didn’t seem to really want to make a commitment. I kept trying until reaching out started to feel a bit like pestering. I quickly went from “Yay for me!” to “I have failed. Maybe I’m not going to be so good at this after all.”

I prayed about it and decided that I was willing to try again. It occurred to me that perhaps it wasn’t ME who was going to make a difference in this girl’s life. Maybe it was going to be “yay for God.” My attitude and my prayers changed from “this is the ministry for me” to “God use me even though I might not be so good at this.”

The next girl I was assigned responded right away to my call. We met for lunch and had a lovely time together. She has a darling three-year-old daughter and she has just given birth to another baby girl. We’ve been staying in touch and many women at Church of the Resurrection are also reaching out to her. She has come to our church to worship and plans to do so again. She has come to the young mom’s group as well. She is so appreciative of all the kindness being shown to her by women at Church of the Resurrection. It’s such a blessing getting to know her. I’ll be hosting a shower for her later next month.

Life is the greatest gift, aside from salvation, that God has given to us. But there are many young women who feel frightened and trapped by their pregnancies. They don’t know where to turn except to abortion. CareNet offers these women help and support so they can choose life for their precious child. When a woman is in this kind of crisis, having others come around her with prayers, support, and Christ’s love is just what she needs—for herself and her child. I’m so grateful that Church of the Resurrection has made a commitment to join hands with CareNet to encourage and support these women.

I look forward to continuing my friendship with Danielle and her children and to connecting with other young women who are choosing life for their little ones. Yay for God, who can do so much more than we can ever imagine when we get out of the way and let Him use us.

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