Our Staff

Caleb Karnosh

Very early on in my life I came to experience the life-giving goodness of Jesus Christ. In a mysterious way, I became confident in Jesus’ love for me at the age of 10. As strange as it may sound, I encountered the living Christ as I prayed in my room one evening, and from that moment forward, I felt a call toward ministry. Throughout middle school and high school, my love for the Gospel continued to grow as my call to ministry began to take shape in my life.

This desire to serve Christ’s Church led me to Moody Bible Institute. The training I received at Moody was extremely formative for me as I was given the opportunity to enjoy the deep things of God through my studies in Bible and theology. Along the way, I fell in love with my wife, Makenna, and together our eyes were opened to the beauty and wonder of Word and Sacrament that our Lord Jesus Christ so graciously gave to us as a true manifestation of His love. I am so thankful to have been grafted into the rich tapestry that is the body of Christ and to make the Gospel known by participating in the life of the Church.