Our Staff

Cecilia Whitacre

I was raised in a Catholic home where we went to church every Sunday morning and I enjoyed going. I don’t remember ever really connecting with God during that time on any personal level or being told it was even possible. I never saw my parents read the bible and we didn’t talk about spiritual things at home, but I did see people helping and caring for one another and serving in our community which greatly impacted me.During my college years I drifted away from going to church. Years later, when I found myself crushed by life events, I discovered I had a spirit inside me that was dying and that I was longing for something more than what the world seemed to be offering. Of course, it was my heart aching for God and my spirit’s need to belong and live in His wise, life-giving ways. He’s been my knight in shining armor and best friend ever since.

Its been years with the Lord of growing, studying, suffering, healing and unlearning the world’s ways that have brought me into a season now of great contentment and peace. After spending years in the financial sector of the Mortgage industry I have felt called by God to step out to help minister to His church with encouragement, sacred listening, teaching classes and offering healing prayer. I am a trained Spiritual Director and Immanuel Prayer Minister. I am honored to be on staff here at this amazing church.

My responsibilities on staff are to perform general bookkeeping and administrative tasks to assist the Finance Director in the day to day financial operations of the church.