Our Staff

Christina Westberg

I grew up in the beautiful state of Minnesota with my loving parents and brother. With a foundation of a prayerful, Christian family, my faith in the Lord prospered during my classical Christian education in which I was influenced by wise teachers and kind friends.
I began attending Rez during my freshman year at Wheaton College where I studied English Literature and Art History under multiple Anglican professors. I was captivated by the joy and rhythms found in the liturgy and church calendar. My brother suggested that I volunteer in RezKids with him in the kindergarten classroom in 2016. The contemplative nature of the curriculum restored me as I engaged with God and wondered about the stories alongside the children. Rez has become a home over the past years, and I am grateful to have been on staff with RezKids since 2020. I am delighted to worship with our children and find creative ways for them to embrace Jesus and his church.
Phone: 630-653-3888  extension 7132