Our Staff

Deacon John Clark

When I began looking for a church at age twenty-three, I didn’t know that the one being sought was me. I wasn’t quite sure what I hoped to find, or how desperately I needed finding. Yet God, in his lavish love, gave me immeasurably more than I anticipated: a life-giving encounter with the resurrected Jesus Christ, who brought this wayward wanderer home to the heart of the Father. More still, I received my first real glimpse of the life-transforming power of the Spirit’s presence in and among the people of God. Once lost but now found, I came to find that because my home is the heart of the Father, my place must ever be the bosom of Mother Church. Life never could nor would be the same!
Fast forward to present and I am married to my dearest Kate for over twenty years; together we have two teenage children, William and Gwyneth. Alongside being a husband and father, my greatest joys in life include equipping the next generation of gospel ministers as professor of theology at Moody Bible Institute, and serving my beloved family of faith as deacon at Church of the Resurrection. By participating in a revival of Word and Sacrament at Church of the Resurrection and in the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest, the life-transforming power of the Spirit is no longer for me a glimpse, but a glorious reality tasted and touched.