Our Staff

Deacon Margie Fawcett

I trusted Jesus and was baptized as a child. My college years were difficult and shortly after graduation I found the love of Christ meeting me through his church. I felt like a failure as a Christian. When I felt far from God, depressed and cynical, the church did not push me out, but drew me in. I spent years receiving prayer and counsel from this faithful body of believers. In each new season of life I have found the church a place I can come just as I am. What grace and mercy that every area of challenge can be a new path of meeting the Lord. What can I do but give my life to Christ?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Jesus and his church as a Deacon and to utilize my MA in Clinical Psychology in ministry. I love to serve in many ways including Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Prayer + Care. I trust you will find this church to be a source of God’s grace in each season of your life so that you can reach out in love to the world.

Phone: 630-653-3888  extension 7130