Our Staff

Emily Talbott

I grew up in a family who frequently opened our home to our community, and with parents who taught me faithfully about God. My second home was the church building where my parents served. In my early high school years, we made a decision to move overseas, and it was in the midst of this major transition that I truly encountered the good news of who Jesus is and realized He was calling me to trust Him with my life. Since then, I continue to find how He is with us in every situation and He loves us with unchanging, steadfast love.

I began attending Church of the Resurrection during the pandemic at the end of my senior year in college, and felt that God was leading me here in a season of renewal and growth. This place has in many ways been a refuge to me. On staff, I am honored to share in supporting the ministries of many ordinary, wonderful people who love Jesus and seek to share His love with others through their unique gifts and vocations.