Our Staff

Karina Harro

I grew up in a Christian home as a missionary kid in St. Petersburg, Russia. I trusted Jesus as my Savior as a small child, rededicated my life to Him in middle school, and was baptized at age 13 in my home church in Pushkin, Russia—Church of the Resurrection. Throughout my childhood I was blessed with a breadth of experiences in many types of churches, which gave me an appreciation for many expressions of worship. When I moved to Illinois to study Music and Christian Education at Wheaton College, I again saw a multitude of ways we worship within our faith.

In 2018, I began attending morning prayer and Sunday evening services at Church of the Resurrection—this time in Wheaton, USA. I became fond of the rhythms of worship in the Book of Common Prayer and of the small but faithful community who attended these services. Over a year later I finally began attending main Sunday morning services and found a convergence of several streams I had previously experienced. Here at Rez we worship in many ways: We sit under the preaching of God’s Word, practice the faith and tradition of the historical Church, lean into the gifts of the Spirit, and seek God humbly through prayer and fasting.