Our Staff

Lisanne Seymour

I was born into a lively Christian family,  and due to my father’s job with the railroad, we moved eight times throughout the Midwest and the South.  Whether we settled in a city for five years or six months, we “bloomed where we were planted” in our church and school communities.  I was blessed to experience various preachers, youth groups, worship styles, and church camps. I was consistently loved and poured into by youth pastors, families of friends, and camp counselors.  Every step of the way I saw God’s love and faithfulness in my parents, siblings, and in the communities of believers who welcomed us with open arms.
My faith and confidence in Christ grew through these changes and challenges in my formative years. In each new place, we longed to feel included in a community. Thankfully, I’ll never forget the feeling of being “the new kid.”
Out of my unique experiences, the Holy Spirit has fueled my desire to notice the new folks and welcome those who are in our community. I bring that desire to my role as Personnel Director at Resurrection. My purpose and prayer in this administrative role is to welcome and care for those on staff and in our church community, so that relationships and ministry work can thrive.
After attending Wheaton College and moving to Chicago, my husband Andrew and I moved back to Wheaton and joined Resurrection in 2013. It has been a gift to raise our two sons in this vibrant community.  We have enjoyed small groups at Rez and being a part of the music ministry. Specifically, Andrew has loved leading the Choristers, Rez’s youth choir.  We look forward to the ways we will continue to love and serve the church in the years to come.
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