Our Staff

Sophia Luke

Growing up in a missionary home, my parents taught us from an early age that “God works all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). In the midst of very real challenges, I witnessed my parents’ endurance through suffering, and how Christ was faithful to care for them. My father shared with me his love of apologetics, religion, and philosophy, expecting me to embrace my faith as my own. Even through rigorous study, and despite my own ups-and-downs, God’s love for me was always there, always real.

I attended Wheaton College to study Philosophy, where I met my wonderful husband Sean. We began attending Church of the Resurrection in 2016. For me this has meant committing to a community focused on Scripture, discipleship, service, healing, and loving our neighbors. At Rez, my imagination of Christ’s love has been expanded by the sacramental worldview, as I see Christ in all beautiful things–like music and the rain! Now on staff, I love getting to know what Jesus is doing in the lives of our volunteers, while helping them find ways to plug-in and use their gifts in service of Christ’s kingdom.

My husband and I live in West Chicago. We love watching funny movies, having (friendly) debates with each other, and welcoming friends and neighbors into our home for a meal. Together, we love sharing with others our experience of how careful thinking about true things can lead to joy, practical care for others, laughter, and an ever-richer relationship with our Savior.

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