The Aurora Church Plant Story

After a year of prayer and fasting, Resurrection feels God raising up church plants in Aurora and Elgin and calling us to begin a movement of planting churches in an unchurched world. 

Our Aurora planting story starts in the summer of 2013 when we met with Bishop Stewart and Steve Williamson and we all felt God leading us into a discernment process to see if God would call us to plant. It was during Resurrection’s 100 days of 24/7 prayer that God began to clarify his call. We went in the prayer chapel every Wednesday at lunch time, stared and sighed at the huge Chicagoland map…and prayed.

As Trevor preached one Sunday on Matthew 5:10 (“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden”), the Lord gave us a burden to find a hill to shine the light of Jesus to those who are in darkness. It was a week later, through various prayers and scriptures from others and a prophetic word from Bonnie, when we felt the Lord beginning to lead us to Aurora, the City of Lights.

As we’ve begun to get to know the city, we’ve met other pastors and Christians there that God is using in inspiring and creative ways to love the city with the light of Jesus! They have invited us to join the team of the church in Aurora and Resurrection leaders have confirmed this call. We came to the Lord in prayer a year ago waiting for him to show us if, where, and when. He has! God has been faithful and we are seeking to obey: our family will be moving to Aurora in 2015.

We have been a part of Resurrection since 2004. In that time, both of us have been involved in worship ministries and Bonnie serves regularly as one of Resurrection’s worship leaders. Trevor has been on staff since 2007 and his current role is Communications Director. He was ordained as a deacon in 2013.

For ten years this has been our home. We dated here. We began our married lives here. We baptized our two children, Nora and Finn, here. This has been our haven, a deep place of healing and learning how to become adults, parents, and pastors. And now, it is with great joy—and great sadness—that we announce that God is calling us to become lantern-bearers to Aurora.

We ask for your prayers and support as we follow God’s call to plant a church where people who are far from him and living in darkness can see the light of Christ, find a home in his Church, and love the City of Aurora. 

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