Todd Atkinson Sentenced by College of Bishops

Please note that the following content refers to abuse of ecclesiastical power.

Dear Resurrection Family, 

Earlier today the Standing Committee of our diocese sent a letter regarding Todd Atkinson, former ACNA bishop, following the Province’s announcement.

In summary, last week the College of Bishops voted to depose Todd (remove him from Holy Orders). He was found guilty on four charges of “Conduct giving just cause for scandal or offense, including the abuse of ecclesiastical power” by The Ecclesiastical Court for the Trial of a Bishop. These charges included “Inappropriate Relationships with Women” and “Inappropriate Interactions with Minor Females.”

You can read the Standing Committee’s letter here, and the Province’s announcement here.

I am still absorbing the information regarding Todd’s conviction, but I am deeply saddened by the pain anyone has experienced as a result of Todd’s actions. I understand that news like this can be incredibly disturbing and even traumatic for some. This is also a deep source of sorrow for me.

Some of you may remember Todd visited Resurrection a few times in 2019. During those visits, he preached on a Sunday morning, assisted with confirmations, he and several of his team participated in Holy Week and Fully Alive as guests, and he gave the charge at my ordination to the priesthood.

Since the report convicts Todd of singling out females for highly inappropriate emotional relationships, if you had any concerning interactions with Todd, I want to encourage you to seek pastoral care.

If you would like to talk with a pastor for any reason, I encourage you to contact Deacon Meghan Robins, our Pastoral Care Pastor, at She can arrange a meeting for you with one of our pastors.

Please join me in praying for those who are hurting right now. May they know the healing and comforting presence of Jesus, their Good Shepherd.

With love for you all,




Fr. Steve Williamson
Cathedral Dean

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