Our Vestry


Our vestry is an elected leadership team of church members that provides direction and accountability for our resources. Non-staff members are nominated and elected by the congregation to serve one to three year terms. No Vestry member can serve more than five consecutive years. All vestry must be members of Resurrection and actively serving and giving. The vestry meet monthly to discuss strategic issues, review budgets, and pray for the church. For records of vestry meetings, contact office@churchrez.org. 

Nominate a Vestry Member
Nominations are now open for the 2024-2025 Vestry. We seek a balance of introverts and extroverts, women and men, and leaders with a wide variety of gifts and experience in leadership (stay at home parents, educators, finance, executive leaders, and more). Judy Sather, Amy Simpson, and Jill Smith will be completing their terms and cycling off the Vestry. 

Email your nomination by April 21, 2024, to rezvestrymembers@gmail.com. Please include a one sentence description of why your nominee would be a good fit for the vestry.

Our 2023-2024 vestry members include:  Jill Smith (senior warden),  Amy Patton (junior warden), Amy Simpson, Judy Sather, Ashley Condra, Aaron Cox, Brian Kelly, Paul Smith,  Fr. Steve Williamson (cathedral dean), and Bp. Stewart Ruch. 

You can email any questions or concerns related to our church, outside of the Province’s investigative process, to our vestry at rezvestrymembers@gmail.com. Only non-staff vestry members have access to this email account. Vestry members check the account regularly and will respond to your email in a timely manner.


The Junior and Senior Warden serve in leadership positions for the Vestry. The wardens run monthly Vestry meetings. They also serve on the Executive Committee, along with the Bishop and Dean. The Executive Committee sets agendas for the Vestry and the wardens provide additional counsel and accountability for the Dean in Executive Committee meetings.
Wardens are selected by the Dean and serve one-year terms that can be renewed. A warden may not serve more than five consecutive years. Although the congregation does not vote on the warden positions, feedback is still a valued part of the process. 

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