Who is My Neighbor Event Follow-Up

This past Sunday 50 people gathered for a workshop led by Matt Soerens about understanding our immigrant neighbors. Matt Soerens has graciously shared his PowerPoint presentation with our church family. I was especially challenged and moved by this quote: “86% of the immigrant population in North America are likely to either be Christians or become Christians…The immigrant population actually presents the greatest hope for Christian renewal in North America… [The church] should see this as a wonderful opportunity.”

We also had the privilege of hearing Janvier Decise’s moving story of emigrating from Rwanda with his family. Janvier, a wonderful Christian man who has been worshipping at Church of the Resurrection for over two years, said that when he asked the Lord why he had to move halfway across the world to America, the Lord said, “Because I want you to pray for the families of this country.” I am so glad that I have a man like Janvier in my life.

If you missed the presentation or you want to take another look at the Scriptures and stats presented, check out the PowerPoint link below. For more infomation about how the ACNA is involved around immigration issues, check out http://www.anglicanimmigrantinitiative.com/

Who Is My Neighbor Presentation March 2014

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