Wise Stewardship: Invest online giving costs into transforming lives

Dear Resurrection,

Every dollar you give makes a difference to our ministry. That’s why we’re reaching out now.

Since the dawn of COVID, online giving has increased. That’s great news for ministry! But the downside is the drastic increase in the percentage of our budget going toward online giving fees. The church absorbed $30,000 in fees for processing on our website in the last fiscal year alone. Ouch!

You might ask, “How much of what I give the church goes directly to ministry?” Here is a breakdown of giving options:

Cash Gift: 100% goes to ministry.

Personal Check: Nearly 100% goes to ministry except a tiny transaction fee.

Bank Bill Pay: Just like a personal check, nearly 100% goes to ministry except a tiny transaction fee. You set up the church as the “Vendor” in your online banking site, and then dictate how much and when you want the bill paid. Your bank would send Resurrection a paper check. It’s easy to set up and very cost effective for you and the church.*

Churchrez.org/give: When you donate on our website, a fee is charged to the church. For example, with an online donation of $100, Resurrection is charged an average of $2.20. If everyone gave on our website, the fees the church pays could reach a staggering $52,800!

Help Us Cut Online Costs and Invest in Lives
If you give online, you can help significantly reduce this expense and invest more dollars in transforming lives. Many charities add the online fee to each contribution or offer the donor a choice.

In an effort to reduce fees, we are offering you a new choice in our online giving process as of next week.
If you give on our website, you’ll see an opportunity to help cover the church’s costs. You’ll be able to check a box like in the image below to include a 2.2% fee with your gift. You can still earn rewards from your credit or debit card while helping the church!

Here’s how you can help if you give online:

a) Choose to cover the 2.2% fee whenever you donate at churchrez.org, or…

b) Set up your bank’s bill pay option via Fifth Third, Bank of America, Chase, DuPage Credit Union, and other banks.*

Our goal is to cut giving fees on our website by at least 50 percent, or $15,000, by the end of this fiscal year! The more we can save here, the more we can spend on viable ministry work.

If you currently have a “recurring gift” set up through our website, we can help you change your settings to cover the church’s fee.* 

We’re so grateful for how you’ve entrusted Resurrection with your resources. With your support, we will steward your generosity for even more kingdom impact.

In Christ, 

Fr. Matt Woodley                       Anne Kessler 
Acting Dean                                Executive Director of Operations

*If you would like more information or help,
please reply to Anne Kessler at annekessler@churchrez.org or on her direct line 630-480-7124. You can also email Lisanne Seymore, Personnel Director, at lisanneseymour@churchrez.org.

Top photo by Michael Johnson.

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// Church of the Resurrection