Refugee & Immigrant Ministries

Welcome New Neighbors with World Relief

For over 25 years, we have partnered with World Relief to provide friendship and services to refugee and immigrant families. We seek to love and serve these new neighbors by helping them rebuild their lives and walking alongside them.

“For I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

World Relief is welcoming families and individuals arriving from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Nepal, and many other countries.

You can help:

Tutoring Clubs

Help a child in an after-school tutoring club on-site at local public schools or via virtual tutoring. Tutors are wanted for elementary, middle, and high school students.

On-Call Helpers

Provide airport pick-ups for newly-arriving refugees, rides to appointments, and help with apartment set-up. Flexible timing, only when it fits your schedule (usually 48 hr notice).

Friendship Partners

Walk alongside a new neighbor by visiting weekly for an hour or two for at least six months.

Good Neighbor Teams

Join a small team of others who commit to checking in and visiting on a weekly basis for at least six months

World Relief provides all training necessary for volunteers to get started...

WR citizenship clinic (22)

Refugees & Rez: A biblical response to a global crisis

Listen to the audio recording of this talk. Gain a biblical perspective on migration from Professor Daniel Carroll of Wheaton College. Learn about the global refugee crisis from Damon Schroeder, World Relief Director for US Integral Mission & Mobilization.

WRDA Citizenship Clinic Feb 2019 (47)

World Relief Volunteer Training

You can make a difference and help welcome newly-arriving refugees. 
First step: Please complete this online volunteer application for World Relief. 

Additional Resources



Listen to this podcast about how the Bible addresses immigration with Matthew Soerens.


Contact: Emily Talbott, Rez Missions Manager