“God can’t contain his goodness and joy; it explodes in his creativity of the world,” said our Deacon John Clark. These truths are evident in the uniqueness and beauty of each bloom of a flower or falling snowflake, and the diversity of creatures and people he creates. Like our Creator, our DNA contains creative gifts. Author J.R. Tolkien calls us “sub-creators,” made to create alongside the Lord, in order to serve him, one another, and our world. 

We Anglicans hold a sacramental worldview, believing that God uses his creation to communicate his saving grace to us. As “sub-creators,” artists are able to convey spiritual truths in ways that sermons cannot. Music, poems, and paintings can express our deepest feelings and longings, touching the human soul in ways that nurture and deepen our faith. 

Resurrection has a long history and appreciation of the arts, thanks to Bishop Stewart’s repeated call for artists to communicate gospel truths to our culture.

We resound this invitation to harness your creative talents and convey God’s truths and his saving grace to our broken world. 

We are continuing to develop opportunities for artists to enjoy mutual encouragement, gain inspiration, and employ their creative talents to bless the Body of Christ and beyond. 

Artists of all genres are welcome to monthly meetings of RezArtists for encouragement and inspiration. 

Musicians are invited to participate in seasonal choirs, and audition for service preludes and postludes, and music team.

Performing artists often have opportunities to get involved in the Easter Vigil. Production members are invited to serve on the tech team and/or especially for Christmas Eve and Holy Week. 

Visual artists are invited to submit pieces for consideration to the rotating RezArts gallery.  Writers, visual artists, and musicians of all ages and levels of experience are invited to participate in the annual RezArts Festival. 

Artists are invited to monthly meetings on the fourth Sunday of most months for inspiration, mutual encouragement, and fellowship among other creatives at the monthly RezArtists meeting for ages 18 and older.

Bring your creative work to share briefly and receive input: songs, poems, performances, or visual works. Feel free to invite a fellow artist from outside the church. Led by Rez artists Michael Skura and Janice Wood.

Location: Janice Wood’s home, 811 Grove Avenue, West Chicago

Questions? Contact: Michael Skura at mskura0729@gmail.com.

Michael Skura

Michael Skura

Michael has been a member of Rez since 1993. He has taught art for 27-plus years and is currently Department Chair of Fine Arts at Oswego High School. He has a Bachelor's in Fine Art Studio-Painting and Secondary Education and a Master's in Education. Michael served as President of the Illinois Art Education Association from 2020-2023. He lives in Wheaton and is blessed with three children.

Janice Wood

Janice Wood

Janice Skivington Wood is an illustrator, former art teacher, and painter. She has collaborated with various artists to develop liturgical art that adorns Resurrection, including the large Jesus icon, the great doors, paintings depicting Old Testament scenes in the narthex, and more. She and her husband Jay live in West Chicago.

Jumpstart your creativity on Wednesday, January 11, 6:30-8:00 or 8:30pm.

Try a workshop in visual arts, devotional poetry writing, or worship song writing.
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Devotional Poetry Writing

Discover how to enrich your devotional life by writing poetry. You’ll learn new tools and practices for engaging with Scripture by penning your own poetry. This workshop will include hands-on writing time, as well as the opportunity for small group sharing and mutual encouragement. Minimum age: high school. This workshop concludes at 8:30pm.

Facilitator: Andrew S. Backer enjoys writing poetry devotionally and finds it a place to witness the beauty of the Lord and respond in worship. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Higher Education and Student Development at Wheaton College.

Assistant Facilitator: Helen Wieger enjoys creative writing and has been nurturing a group of creatives for the last several years. She leans toward penning poetry and creative prose. 

Visual Arts

Enjoy experimenting on paper with the Lord. We’ll provide brushes, paints, and materials to spark your imagination and make your fingers itch. Stations will include mindful drawing, collage creation, and free expression. In mindful drawing you’ll learn how to pay attention to details as you create. Make a collage by combining colorful construction paper, printed words, cutouts of pictures, and more. Or, at the free expression station, dive into anything you feel led to explore. Minimum age: first grade; all elementary age kids must be accompanied by an adult. This workshop concludes at 8pm.
Facilitators: Janice Skivington Wood and Emily Verdoorn.

Janice Skivington Wood is a painter, illustrator, and former art teacher. She has collaborated with various artists to develop liturgical art that adorns Resurrection, including the large Jesus icon, the great doors, paintings depicting Old Testament scenes in the narthex, and more.
Emily Verdoorn uses anything from pen and pencil to teabags, inks, thread, or homemade dyes to explore the world of her everyday life. Her work often begins like a quiet conversation with places, spaces and the natural world.

Worship Song-Writing

Explore song-writing for worship as we talk about what makes a song work for a congregational setting or even for a more fluid offertory and response song. We will also have a chance to break into partners or groups to practice writing and exploring in a collaborative, safe, encouraging and creative environment.  If you have an instrument, please feel to bring it. Minimum age: high school. This workshop concludes at 8:30pm.
Facilitator: Ruth Mudge is a cello instructor and the assistant principal cellist of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra. She enjoys collaborating with other Rez musicians, and delights in arranging music, writing original songs, and teaching classes on movie soundtracks.

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