“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” - Rom. 12:12

We invite you to contribute to our RezArts Festival, a church-wide celebration of art this fall and winter. Whether you’re age 5 or 85, a beginner or experienced artist, you can participate. Reflect on our ministry year verse, Romans 12:12, and ask the Lord to help inspire your creation of original visual, written, or musical pieces. 

The act of creating art can be one of worship and prayer as you submit your creativity to the Lord. As our Creator, the artist of the universe invites us to be co-creators. We hope to see a reflection of how the Lord is leading you and our church body in this particular season. While your finished art may or may not be a masterpiece, it can help others delve deeper into Scripture and better grasp the Lord’s heart for his people. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, we invite you to try your hand at creating art as an act of worship. Even if you ultimately decide not to submit your work to the Festival, consider participating in the creative process with this focus in mind. 

We will share select submissions online and on social media throughout the Festival and beyond. The Festival will include a gallery exhibit of all family appropriate submissions to be enjoyed by the entire church on Saturday, January 29, 2022. Visual artwork will continue to be displayed as much as possible in the building until Lent.

We invite you to make submissions to the Festival in these three categories:


Such as drawing, painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, textile, crafts and digital art. Artwork that will be physically displayed in its original medium cannot exceed 3 feet by 3 feet.


Such as poetry, short stories, personal essays, flash fiction, devotionals, monologues, and scenes. Length: 1,500 words or less.


Voice and/or instrumental. Length: 4 minutes or less


  • All submissions must be original works, previously unpublished and/or not performed publicly, and may not have been shared online or on the artists’ social media. 
  • Participants must be members or active attendees of Church of the Resurrection over the last six months whether in-person or on livestream.
  • Each person or group may only submit one entry per category, up to three entries total. 
  • Group submissions are allowed if all individuals are active attendees or members. 
  • All entries must be submitted by midnight CST, December 31, 2021.
  • Art that includes nudity, profanity, graphic violence or otherwise inappropriate content for young children will not be considered. 
  • Participants agree to allow the Resurrection to publish digital files of all submissions both online and/or in print, on its website and/or social media channels, both during and after the festival indefinitely with appropriate credit. 
  • Participants grant Resurrection non-exclusive rights to use their submissions in ministry, including but not limited to services, events, public displays, non-exclusive right to use your creative work in its ministry, including but not limited to services, events, public displays or performances, publications, sites, and programs, without further permission or payment involved, with appropriate credit to the artist(s).

The RezArts Festival will include a gallery exhibit on Saturday, January 29, at which time submissions will be displayed and presented for the enjoyment of the church family. Visual art submissions will remain on display within the church building until March 1. We will also explore ways to include creative works into the ongoing life of the church.

While we will do our best to care for your submission(s), we cannot guarantee the preservation of your artwork in its original form. We also reserve the right not to exhibit any piece we deem inappropriate for a family audience.

How To Submit

  1. Each work must be submitted online via an individual digital file– a Word document, a photo(s) of visual artwork in PDF, JPG or PNG files, or an audio file in mp3. 
  2. Visual art submissions may include up to 4 photos of your visual arts submission, such as a photo of your painting, a pottery work, or a sculpture. However, if your submission is actual photography, then only one photo is allowed.
  3. Visual art submissions of the actual artwork must be delivered to Resurrection in person between January 3 and 10 to participate in the gallery exhibit and should be left at the building until March 1. 
  4. Musical submissions must be no longer than 4 minutes, submitted in mp3 files.
  5. Include a paragraph of 200 words or less explaining: a) your work, b) your creative process, and c) how your entry reflects Romans 12:12 in part or whole.

Questions? Email dawnjewell@churchrez.org or office@churchrez.org

Submission Form

Please complete one form for each submission.



// Church of the Resurrection