Shoreline of Hope

RezArts Festival Submission
By Mark Poulterer

As I considered hope, tribulation, and prayer the picture of a lighthouse kept returning to my mind.  I thought of the constant rocks that hold the lighthouse firm (prayer), the waves that crash like tribulation against them and the lighthouse that brings hope to those who desperately need it in the midst of danger.  I decided to search for a lighthouse on a shoreline of “hope” and quickly came across the lighthouse on the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.  This became the starting point. I created the design using tie dye for the crashing waves of tribulation as well as the light that symbolizes hope.  The rocks and the lighthouse itself I drew and made into the screen print.

There’s still time to contribute to the RezArts FestivalWe’ve extended the submission deadline to January 15! Learn more here.
Save the date for our Festival Exhibit:  Saturday, January 29, 1-4pm.

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