Fall Kickoff

Join us Wednesday, August 19th at 7:00pm!

Updates from senior leaders on…

—what’s happening this year with ministries at Resurrection
—Resurrection and her mission
—the diocese and her mission

Additionally, we’ll meet and vote on our new Vestry candidates. You can read about them below!


Org Chart & Budget

Vestry Bios

Darcie Delzell

I was raised in a Christian home; both of my parents had been raised in the church, but didn’t actually come to faith in Christ until I was a toddler. Sometime in junior high, we moved out to the country and became a part of a small, sweet Southern Baptist congregation. It was there that I met Kevin Greeson, a youth pastor who would change my life. We had a pretty rag-tag youth group, but Kevin expected that we could grow to know and love God in very deep ways. He took us on mission trips, gave me great ideas of books to read, and somewhat out-of-the-blue, took a bunch of East Texan high-schoolers to a spring break trip in Chicago where we visited Wheaton College.

I ended up going to college at Wheaton, a place I had never heard of. There I grew spiritually in ways that have marked me for life, and I am so grateful for that experience. Through a series of miraculous events, I ended up back at Wheaton as a professor (I am a statistician) and have been there for 11 years.

My family and I have been attending Rez for about 10 ½ of those years. I spent a number of years serving in the children’s ministry in multiple capacities and led a Rez Group for 3 years. I have also been a part of a large number of various smaller initiatives over my decade serving at Rez. My children are active in the children’s program and youth group, and we are very thankful that we are continually changed and drawn closer to God and His people at this church.

Kevin Emmert

I was raised in a Christian home and am the son of a pastor. Growing up seeing the gospel lived out daily, I embraced Christ and was baptized at an early age. Like many who have grown up in the church, my faith deepened slowly over time, though it was in high school that my faith took on new life. In college, my faith matured in different and needed ways as I studied Bible and theology. After college, I moved from my home state of North Carolina to Wheaton for further theological education. I started attending Church of the Resurrection in 2009 and became a member in 2011. After graduate school, I met my dear wife, Ashley. We have two delightful sons, Jack and Charlie.

Over the past two decades, I have served in numerous ways in the churches I have attended. I have served in music ministries, have led small groups, have worked with youth ministries, and have taught and preached in various capacities. At Rez, Ashley and I have served on music team and participated in Rez Groups, as well as in other ways in the spiritual life of the church. We are immensely thankfully that Rez is where our two sons are being catechized and nurtured spiritually.

We love the people and leaders of Rez, and I am excited to serve the church in new ways.

Judy Sather

Have you ever heard one of those dramatic testimonies… someone finding Christ in the craziest of ways or from direst of circumstances? Well, that’s not me. At a very young age I quietly surrendered my life to Christ under the guidance of my loving parents.

But that doesn’t mean the road was smooth, free of bumps and bruises. Far from it. That doesn’t mean the Holy Spirit didn’t need to grab hold of me at age 15 as I stood alone on the corner of Main and Maple in Onalaska, WI, as I walked home from school… flooding over me and assuring me that his presence would guide me through my painful migraines and the depression that came after my father was forced to leave the church he was pastoring, our family moved to another city, and the school I was attending burned down.

College exposed me to fuller understanding of what it means to be deeply loved by God for who I truly am, and put me further on my journey of finding deep peace and joy in being that person… living for the glory of God and discovering daily what that looks like, whether in marriage, raising four children, re-entering the secular workplace, or simply being a neighbor and friend. Along the way, I’ve battled with my “survival mechanisms” of self-determination, self-sufficiency and performance. Despite their allure, they prove to be a snare, and viciously resilient.

It’s a daily surrender. It’s an adventure unlike any other. Divinely stumbling upon Church of the Resurrection through my long-time spiritual director has been a delicious icing on the cake – a church home that has been an answer to many prayers.